Eduard Slinin: Leadership and Succeeding in Today’s Economy


An individual’s ability to handle adversity is one of the most robust predictors of personal growth, future contributions, and happiness in life. Organizations that develop a capacity for handling adversity are able to improve morale, performance, and profitability. The downturn of the American economy has created adversity for many companies. Being able to bounce back and even thrive in today’s ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Things You Might Not Know About Your Carbon Footprint


Most people know that carpooling or riding in a hybrid vehicle can lower your carbon footprint, also known as the amount of C02 you produce. But what you might not know is that flying with a commercial airline dramatically increases your carbon footprint! Environmental news website has recently published that when traveling from Boston to Philadelphia (or 300 miles) ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Limousine Companies Work to Improve the Environment


Pollution is a major concern, especially when it comes to transportation. Automotive vehicles are one of the leading causes of chemicals and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. This is an especially great concern for the companies in the business of transportation, and limousine companies work to improve the environment. Leaders in the transportation industry such as Ed Slinin realize ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Limousine Rental Companies Help the Environment

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More and more eco-friendly vehicles are being used by the transportation industry. As one of the largest service industries in the world, the transportation industry can make a huge positive impact on the environment. Leaders such as Ed Slinin have been trying to utilize more and more eco-friendly solutions in order to reduce the pollution created by cars on the ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Luxury Transportation Services Geared Towards Big Groups


The luxury transportation service used to primarily cater towards people on business who had to go out of town. Throughout the years, though, the transportation industry has changed and luxury transportation services have become more and more geared towards big groups. This has led to a shift in the transportation service industry overall, and industry leaders such as Ed Slinin ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Biggest Limo Cities


Every city and town has access to a limousine rental company.  But in the biggest cities, limo rental is a big business.  Knowing just how great taking a limo can be, there are people who love nothing more than hitching a ride to the most glamorous locales in town, and riding in style.  So what are the biggest cities for ... Read More »

Eduard Slinin: Five Creative Drinks to Try on a Night Out

Everyone loves going out for a night on the town, but sometimes these nights can get a little bit staid and boring. Add some pizzazz to your next night on the town by sampling one of these creative drinks to try on a night out. A new cocktail can be a great way to put a little excitement into your ... Read More »

Standing In Line To Be First: Ed Slinin Talks New Car Tech

When the automobile was invented, no one knew just how big of an impact it would have on humanity.  Originally only a toy for the super rich, the development of the assembly line revolutionized the production of cars, and made them cheap enough for the general public to afford.  By the 1950’s, cars were everywhere, and since then, automobile technology ... Read More »

Corporate Transportation Group: Essential Tips for Running a Successful Business

No one can deny that the economy is rough. At the same time, though, no one can deny that this is a cycle that we all have to endure. The economy goes up and down. It will be really good for awhile, and then it will be really bad. The state of the economy depends on a number of different ... Read More »

Edward Slinin: Today’s CEOs

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) hold the highest position in a company or on a board. Edward Slinin is the CEO of his limousine service company, Corporate Transportation Group – he is the top person at his company. Large companies sometimes have multiple CEOs, one for each department. How people get to be CEO varies depending on the type and size ... Read More »