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Edward Slinin and Defining Customer Service

What is customer service and why is it so important for the success of businesses? Customers are a company’s most vital asset, without them a business would not survive. Providing good customer service involves knowing your customers and actively and effectively listening to their needs, as well as going above and beyond to try and please them. A company’s employees are its internal customers and thus should be treated as such.

Profitable companies have leaders that instinctively know that customers are their bloodline. Edward Slinin is one example of a business owner who appreciates his customers and not only keeps them returning time and again, but can count on them to recommend the services of his company, Corporate Transportation Group, Ltd.

Businesses that demonstrate a grasp of good customer service will likely succeed. Whether it is a small operation or a giant corporation, customers return when they are made to feel that they matter, they have a rewarding relationship with the company, their needs and concerns are listened to and addressed appropriately, and that they are dealing with knowledgeable and courteous individuals.

A business model like what Edward Slinin has implemented for his company is one that ensures success because it empowers employees, who then are in a position to pass on the benefits to the customers. The drivers of Corporate Transportation Group are contracted, which means they own and operate the vehicles, making them, in essence, their own bosses. As such, they need to deliver the utmost customer service because whether customers return or not is a direct reflection on them.

Innovation and technology are also making customer service easier. Companies that embrace technology increase the odds of making it. Ground transportation industry leaders like Edward Slinin are keenly aware of this and they are not shy about promoting new technologies to improve upon the services their companies deliver. Vehicle dispatch is made easier with the help of Blackberry technology and drivers can better serve customers with vehicles that are equipped with GPS guiding systems.

It comes as no surprise that customer service is so closely tied to the success and long-term survival of a company. Without customers, the services and/or products offered by a company would be meaningless. Additionally, a company that does not employ the right type of people to manage and deliver optimal customer service most likely will not succeed. This symbiotic relationship is what makes it all possible and ensures the survival and success of the company

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